Staffing Structure

If you would like to contact or make an appointment with any member of staff please do so via the school office: 0121 464 5813

Executive Head Teacher: Mrs C Cowlard

Head of School: Mrs E Grice

Deputy Head Teacher: Miss J Arnold

Assistant Head Teacher: Miss C Smith

Key Stage Two Phase Leader: Mrs C Wilson

SENCO: Mrs T Johnson

Family Support: Mrs A Haynes

Office Manager: Miss P Campbell

Site Manager: Ms C Cassin


Class Teachers and Teaching Assistants 2017 – 18


Teacher: Miss M Walker   Teaching Assistants: Mrs I Goshawk Miss A Hall


Reception Oak:

Teacher: Miss C Smith  Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Hemming, Mrs J Williams

Reception Ash:

Teacher: Mrs A Dragon   Teaching Assistants: Mrs M Spiers, Miss H Thomas, Mrs J Williams

Year 1:


Teacher: Miss L Smith  Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Newman


Teacher: Miss L Moore Teaching Assistant: Mrs T Merritt

Year 2:


Teacher: Mrs N Virgo  Teaching Assistant: Mrs R Burns


Teacher: Mrs V Wild Teaching Assistant: Mrs J Wilson

Year 3:


Teacher: Mrs M Hope & Mrs J Davies Teaching Assistants: Mrs D Hooper & Mrs R Jatala


Teacher: Mrs F Imran Teaching Assistant: Mrs G Harding

Year 4:


Teacher: Miss N Khan Teaching Assistants: Mrs A Hall & Mrs M Addinell


Year 5:


Teacher: Mrs H Martin


Teacher: Miss B Trotter

Teaching Assistant to Year 5: Mrs D Morby

Year 6:


Teacher: Miss G Fitzpatrick


Teacher: Mrs C Wilson

Teaching Assistants to Year 6: Mrs A Desveaux and Mrs T Coxson

Teaching and Learning Support, PPA Cover:

Miss S Choudhry

Learning Mentor:

Mrs K Hulin

Currently on Maternity Leave:

Mrs K Martin, Mrs L Warwood, Miss M Lloyd